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Coffee Goes into the Future


In the past, it was customary for people to use a percolator to make a pot of coffee. They would most likely make a pot in the morning and maybe a pot in the evening. It was rather messy and took quite a bit of time. However, with the invention of the new K Cup coffeemakers, this is no longer true. These coffeemakers will produce one cup of hot coffee within a minute using special cups. These coffee pots have become almost necessary in every home. People no longer have the time to wait for a pot to brew on the stove or even in the first coffeemaker types. They simply place their cup under the spout, pop in a pod and press a button to brew. If you keep water in the tank, there is no other requirements. Clean up is easy, just remove the coffee pod and throw away.

K Cups to Use Every day

When they were first introduced, the pod type machines were used exclusively for coffee. But, the industry has exploded, and everyone is now making pods in all kinds of flavors of coffee and tea. Many of the machines now allow you to make iced coffees and iced tea. These coffeemakers have come a long way in a short time. If you look at the coffee aisle in any store, you will find many choices available. In fact, Cinnabon has recently come out with the Cinnabon cinnamon roll k cup coffee pods which imitates the flavor of the cinnamon rolls they are famous for. This is true for many other companies as well.

Making A Beverage with A K Cup Machine

The most modern machines on the market now feature many things. They allow you to make a cup of coffee, tea or espresso. Some include a frothing machine for your milk. Another feature is the strength of the brew. It could be anywhere from regular to a rich, bold flavor. Each of these takes the same amount of time to finish. Most older machines did not have this amount of choices. In fact, now, k cup produces are marking their packaging with the type of flavor each of them has, such as, mild roast, medium roast or bold roast. This is in addition to the flavors.

The pod type machines only make one cup of coffee at a time and this is fine if you only want to have one or two cups. However, if you want to make multiple cups of coffee, you may decide that you need to use one of the coffeemakers which will brew a pot. In many houses, there are now two different types of coffeemakers that can be used in any situation. In the beginning, k cups were rather expensive, and this turned a lot of people away from them. But, the pricing for them has come down dramatically and has become quite competitive with regular ground coffee. K cup shops are now popping up all over.